We’re sunsetting SenseiTool on June 1, 2020.

Starting on June 1, you will not be able to login to Sensei. All retrospective and user data will be deleted from the tool in June. If you'd like to retain your retrospective data, we strongly encourage you to download past reports before June 1 so you can keep these for your records. See download instructions below.

Farewell, Sensei

After 8 years and 14,172 retrospectives, we’ve decided to sunset our tool. Thanks for being one of the 23,859 people to give Sensei a try.

We developed Sensei at a time when distributed teams needed a solution for their retrospectives. Now that there are many great tools available in the market, we are reconfiguring our team's WIP to focus on other efforts. We are proud to have kept Sensei free and available to support retrospectives worldwide, and hope you enjoyed using it as much as we enjoyed building it and using it.

What you need to do

Before June 1, you should download your retrospective data.

Download your data

To export past retrospective data:

1. Click retrospectives

2. Select “View past retrospectives” (bottom right)

3. Scroll down to see all retrospectives

4. On the retrospective you would like to export, click “View”

5. On top, click Export to CSV or Export to Excel

Moving Forward

For our recommended Sensei alternative, check out Retrium

Our Agile friends at Retrium have built a powerful retrospective solution, with easy access to popular facilitation techniques like Start-Stop-Continue, Team Radar, Lean Coffee™, and many more. Each of these techniques includes private brainstorming to help people feel safe speaking up, dot voting to prioritize your discussion topics, and action plans to track your team’s progress.

Learn More  or start a  free trial of Retrium.

See this page  for a list of other free and paid retrospective tools.

Don’t Be a Stranger!

We appreciate your understanding. We bid a fond farewell to Sensei, but hope you will stay in our network. We also hope you’ll take advantage of LitheSpeed’s free Agile coaching circles, where we can help you with your retrospectives and any other Agile questions.

If you have any questions, please email sensei@lithespeed.com and we’ll be happy to help! Again, all retrospective data and user data/credentials will be deleted in June.

– The LitheSpeed Team

Visit us at LitheSpeed.com