What it is

Sensei is a tool that helps teams generate and sustain a spirit of continuous improvement by encouraging the contribution of useful observations and actions, identifying patterns, and visualizing improvements over time.

Using theories of behavioral psychology and game design, Sensei’s clean, uncluttered interface provides users with an environment to collect thoughts, shape them, measure progress, and take action if necessary.

Why we built it

Retrospectives are the red-headed stepchild of many Agile deployments, often devolving into simple platforms for complaining. When actions are taken, teams and managers rarely see an impact.

When teams fail to identify issues and solve them, individuals and teams become unmotivated and the products suffer along with them. They get stuck in a rut – and that’s not good for anyone. Still, few tools out there today guide and support continuous improvement. We think it’s time to change that.

Who we are

A small cadre of scrum trainers, agile team coaches, and enterprise agile consultants on a mission to transform workplaces into environments that promote self-management, continuous improvement, and high morale. Learn more about us at LitheSpeed.com.